JV by Brian Reverri

JV Artwork by Brian Reverri
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Title: JV
Date Created: 10/15/2017
Copyright: © Chaos Creature Designs
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Mixed Media, Airbrush, Acrylic
Views: 186
Posted: 12/8/2017

About the Artist

Brian Reverri
Member Since November 2017

Projects: Early Morning, Pre-Coffee Mr. Voorhees https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio-3/#jp-carousel-1723 Kalkriese, Saltus Teutoburgiensis, 9 CE https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/kalkriese-saltus-teutoburgiensis-9-ce/ Kraken in the Mist https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/kraken-in-the-mist/ I Dream of Lizards https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/godzilla/ A Shrunken Head' s Tragedy https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/shrunken-heads-south-western-territories/ He used to be nice guy... https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/mushroom head-tribute-mask/ The Unmoldable (It Came From Below) https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/alien-hybrid-zenomorph/ Caught in Headlights (Submersible Headlights) https://chaoscreaturedesigns.com/portfolio/kraken-version-2-paint-job/

Location: 28 Setter Place, Bethel Park PA 15102

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