Candy Rocker by Deanna Davoli

Candy Rocker Artwork by Deanna Davoli
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Title: Candy Rocker
Date Created: 2015
Copyright: © Deanna Davoli
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Mixed Media, Pen
Views: 296
Posted: 12/6/2017

About the Artist

Deanna Davoli
Member Since December 2012

Projects: Black & White: Volume 4 2017 Art book Printed by &ldquo Marie Antoinette&rdquo , &ldquo Ancient Dryad&rdquo & &ldquo Fractured Beauty&rdquo Under The Sea 2017 Art book Printed by &ldquo Koi Mermaid&rdquo & &ldquo Ace of Cups&rdquo Black & White: Volume 3 2016 Art book Printed by &ldquo Alice&rdquo , &ldquo Cheshire Cat&rdquo , &ldquo Dormouse&rdquo , &ldquo Queen of Hearts&rdquo & &ldquo Evaki&rdquo Slither & Scales 2016 Art book Printed by &ldquo 9 of Wands&rdquo 78 Tarot Carnival &ldquo 9 of Wands&rdquo 78 Tarot Nautical &ldquo Ace of Cups&rdquo 78 Tarot &ldquo 5 of Swords&rdquo Art Wanted 2011 Calendar &ldquo Waiting For the Dawn&rdquo Art Wanted 2010 Calendar &ldquo Dreaming In A Sea of Leaves&rdquo

Location: Palm Harbor, FL

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A striking portrait of a candy land inspired rocker chic. This Candy Rocker girl, is complete with turquoise hair and jamming out on her rainbow lollipop headphones. Created with Copic Markers and gel pens.

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