Ryah in the Forest (Color) by Tony Troy

Ryah in the Forest (Color) Artwork by Tony  Troy
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Title: Ryah in the Forest (Color)
Date Created: 2011
Copyright: © TonyToryArt(c)
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink, Acrylic, Pastels
Views: 452
Posted: 12/5/2016

About the Artist

Tony Troy
Member Since December 2016

Projects: 1999- 2006 Created a series of illustrations depicting scenes from his Musical, " The Flute Player' s Song." 2010-2011 Created 13 Illustrations for the book, " Deas and Other Imagings by Valerie Tarico 2014 to present- Working on illustrating and and writing his children' s book, " Mice and the Moon."

Location: Ocean City, New Jersey

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