Hermaphrodite Sleeps by Rain Delmar

Hermaphrodite Sleeps Artwork by Rain Delmar
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Title: Hermaphrodite Sleeps
Date Created: 1/2016
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Oils, Mixed Media
Views: 433
Posted: 11/14/2016

About the Artist

Rain Delmar
Member Since November 2016

Projects: Distinction Gallery, November 2017, NY Nova Sanctuary Gallery, November 2017, NY IlluxCon 10, Main show, October 2017 Hudson Hughes Gallery, September 2017 BeinArt Group Show, March 2017, BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne, Australia "Songs of Maldoror", Solo exhibition, September 2016, Haven Gallery, NY Into the Woods, October 2015, Haven Gallery, NY Flesh to Canvas, July 2015, Last Rites Gallery, NY Nightfall, October 2015, St Paulís Church, NY Astoria Art Expo, October 2014, NY Beastiary, November 2014, Saint Vitus, NY The Green Man, May 2014, Three Jolly Pigeons, NY Cranial, August 2013, East Side Ink, NY Red Devils, October 2012, Three Jolly Pigeons, NY Heritage, September 2011, Bluedoor Art Gallery, NY

Location: New York

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Oil and goldleaf, illustrating a passage from "Maldoror" by Comte de Lautreamont

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