Eccior in Flight by Julie Wilmore

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Eccior in Flight Artwork by Julie  Wilmore
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Title: Eccior in Flight
Date Created: 2013
Copyright: © Julie Wilmore
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 584
Posted: 11/22/2013

About the Artist

Julie Wilmore
Member Since November 2013

Projects: As an independent artist, Julie is working on her Nostalgic Nature series that is built upon childhood memories and feelings, and time spent in the wild.

Location: United States

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A creature from Talons, Tails and Tusks: This is the Northern Eccior; known for its razor sharp teeth and smooth leathery skin. The fin on their backs never stops growing and so reflects the relative age of Eccior within a group. Many however are deeply scared and torn as a result of fighting and hunting.

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