Warlock by Lance Red

Warlock Artwork by Lance Red
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Title: Warlock
Date Created: Updated September 2018
Copyright: © Lance Red
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils, Digital
Views: 178
Posted: 12/7/2018

About the Artist

Lance Red
Member Since January 2016

Projects: Freelance Illustrator working on a variety of projects in the table top gaming industry, as well as private commisions, and a new personal series. More of his work can be found at http://lance.red

Location: Michigan, USA

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A fun personal piece in which I channeled all the years just after college I spent playing World of Warcraft. Always wanted to level-up a warlock to max level, but never seemed to make it past level 40 before I got distracted and went back to my main druid. So here is my warlock character brought to life in paint instead. The main portion of this image was a square done in oil. I later then expanded the oil painting from a square image to a wider playmat-format image by painting the sides digitally; bringing in more skulls and the rest of her staff and costume.

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