Patience by Elizabeth Leggett

Patience Artwork by Elizabeth Leggett
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Title: Patience
Date Created: July 2018
Copyright: © Elizabeth Leggett
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Digital
Views: 337
Posted: 11/2/2018

About the Artist

Elizabeth Leggett
Member Since January 2014

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"Slow your heart," she thought to herself. "Water will tell on you." Rooting down into the bogged water lilies, she waited. Hunters are masters of stillness, no matter what environment they need to be in to succeed. Lying in wait for prey, the hunter respects the rhythm of nature. Be still. Focus on slowing time so that when the moment arrives, you have all that you need to achieve your goals. Hidden yet aware, she is a crocodile silent and deadly. The strongest warriors are these two- time and patience." Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)

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