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Rebecca  Guay

"Rebecca Guay's artwork shows a distinct influence from the great Renaissance masters, revamped with a fresh dosage of contemporary cleanliness and edge. Depicting the lush, effervescent world of nymphs, gods and goddesses, these [images] capture an otherworldly realm rife with a softened kind of carnality." -Juxtapoz

During her over 20 years of painting professionally, Rebecca Leveille-Guay has build a formidable reputation in contemporary and pop culture art. The work focuses on emotionally charged themes that echo elements of the symbolists and orientalist's, as well as undertones of pre-raphaelites with a contemporary surreal twist.

Exhibitions and Awards:

R. Michelson Gallery, solo show, September 2013
Eric Carle Museum group show 2007,2011
The Hygienic Gallery two person show, 2009
The SOI NYC Annual Exhibition 2011
The SOI NYC Annual Exhibition 2012
Nucleus Gallery,Group Show LA 2012
The American Museum of Illustration NYC, New Acquisitions Exhibition, January 2011
R. Michelson Gallery, solo show, November 2011
2011 Gold Medal Winner, Spectrum, for The GUARDIAN
2011 Gold Medal Winner, Spectrum, for "PANDORA"
2013 Gold Medal SOI West, for "POPPIES"
2014 Gold Medal SOI West, for " Little Fish"
2014 Bronze Medal SOI West for "Petit Morte"

Guest of Honor appearances (by invitation) with solo exhibits abroad:

GOH Nagoya Japan, 2012
GOH Bologna, Italy , 2012
GOH Vallencia, Spain,2007
GOH Osaka, Japan, 2002
GOH Paris, France 2000
GOH Melbourne, Australia 1997

Rebecca Leveille-Guay's paintings are in museums and private collections around the world.

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