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For over 28 years, Kristin Kest has been an illustrator and has made over 30 books, 15 years of calendars, many magazines and publications~ including a 100-page graphic novel. Kest has additional experience in creating imagery for manufactured products such as wallpaper, greeting cards, labels, and more. Kest's work spans markets as well as genres, and her work is as fluid in the educational and technical sciences, as it is in historical fiction or sci-fi. Kest's portfolio shows that she is specifically fascinated with the intersection between hard science and the Fantastic and the storytelling opportunities that exist in that space. Kest has her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and had taught Illustration and Drawing at York College of PA for nearly a decade. In addition to her freelance career, Kest is also an avid ceramist/ sculptor and enjoys playing in a rock band, The Weathercocks. Kest works in both traditional media ~brush & oil paint~ and digital media.
Name: Kristin Kest 
Joined: October 2013
Projects: Recently, Kest has completed a brochure with the US National Park Service, which was acknowledged with a "best of" award within the industry. She is currently completing her 15th Old Farmer's Almanac calendar for Yankee Publishing Co. In addition to several educational projects in 2018 with Tighe and Pearson Publishing groups, a project with a pharmaceutical company (under NDA), Kest also completed a fantasy children's book, "The Crying Sunny Lemon Star." She is currently creating a whole new body of fantasy work. Kest's work has been nominated for The Chesley for Best SF Illustration, and her work has been in the F+SF publications~ Spectrum and Infected By Art. Her work has garnered "best of" awards at WisCon and has also been in the IlluxCon Main show show 2013), and she was the 2011 Artist Guest of Honor at ConGlomeration.
Location: United States

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