Infected By Art Book - Volume 7

Kayla Woodside

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Artist: Kayla Woodside


Artist: Kayla Woodside


Artist: Kayla Woodside


About Kayla Woodside

Kayla Woodside is a self taught artist who has always loved to draw and paint. She has worked for companies such as Lucas Arts, Disney, Acme Archives, Beacon Pictures, and Onyx Path Publishing and more. Kayla also attends many conventions each year where she showcases her work.  Currently Kayla is pursuing a couple of personal projects she is very excited about including a children's book and a comic book she is working on with fellow artist Brent Woodside. 

Name: Kayla Woodside 
Joined: November 2017

Star Wars Celebration Europe Artshow 

Co-Creater and artist for Tell me a Story: a ridiculous story telling game

Join the Alliance a digital artist alley hosted by Acme Archives 



Location: Missouri USA

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