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Rebecca Smith

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Rebecca Smith is a British sculptor who has been living in Canada for the last 4 years. She received a dregree in animation from Sussex in the United Kingdom, but went on to specialise in model making and character sculpting on a larger scale. The characters she creates, are whimsical with a slight comical and surreal twist, but they are very much grounded with a realism that is drawn from thoughts, feelings and passions of our own everyday human exsistence. Every sculpture has his or her own story to tell. Rebecca has been commissioned and sold works in Canada, The United States and Europe. She currently resides in Quebec City with her partner and is owned by four cats
Name: Rebecca Smith 
Joined: November 2017
Projects: Current projects include: Sculpting characters from book illustrations as commissioned by the author Commissioned to design and sculpt a model that is to be built as an animatronic puppet for stage. Commissioned to design and build a large character as a display piece

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