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Hi, I'm Madalyn McLeod. I'm an illustrator and fine artist currently living in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I've been passionate about creating artwork my entire life. In fact, my earliest memories are of drawing. In 2013, I received my Bachelors in Fine Art with a Concentration in Illustration from East Carolina University. Ever since then, I've been making an adventurous living illustrating children's books and drawing whatever strikes my fancy. (And working the odd side-job from time to time.)

I gather inspiration from nature, mythology, and folklore, and my artwork is characterized by it's elements of fantasy and whimsy. I strive to create artwork that will connect with the heart and imagination. When I'm not drawing, I enjoy reading a good story, drinking too much coffee, and living in the moonlight hours.

Name: Madalyn McLeod 
Joined: January 2017
Location: Asheville, NC

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