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Artist: Debbie Hughes


Artist: Debbie Hughes


Debbie was born in Lexington, Kentucky on May 14, 1958. She began drawing at age 6 inspired by her grandmother Hildegarde Hamilton, a well-known American impressionist and landscape artist. Debbie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art from Furman University in South Carolina (1981).

For five years Debbie was the lead singer for HQ, traveling and performing with the rock band in Knoxville TN.  After five years of preforming she quit when the time involved in preforming took her away from her first love of painting. After attending a science fiction convention she saw the potential for creating the type of fantastic realism she wanted to explore in her art.

Hughes works in acrylic on board. Her work is described often as dream-like, atmospheric, and rich in detail and color. In recent years, Hughes has started to work in oil over acrylic with heavier use of texture and palette knife. Hughes' first published work appeared on the cover of the semi-prozine Science Fiction Chronicle in 1989. Baen Books commissioned Hughes to do two cover illustrations and bought the rights to use one of her previously completed paintings for the cover of a Roger Zelazny anthology. After Baen, Hughes began work for MBI/Easton Press books under then director Pam Pia. In addition to her continued work with Easton Press, Hughes signed on with Amazing Stories Magazine in 1991 and illustrated short stories until the magazine closed its doors in 1994. After that, Hughes signed on with Science Fiction Age magazine and illustrated for both SF Age and Realms of Fantasy, both produced by the same publisher. In addition, when the collectible game card market emerged, Hughes produced over 100 illustrations for 8 different CCG companies.

In 1992, a chance assignment for a then fledgling local computer gaming company in Knoxville, TN, Cyberflix, led Hughes to electronic media which included digital painting, animation and 3D rendering. Hughes began her work with Cyberflix producing hand-painted portraits of the main characters for their games. These images were scanned in and then animated. Later on Hughes, self-taught in computer skills, went on to animate the characters she had painted. Her first assignment was JumpRaven, an arcade game produced by Cyberflix and Paramount Interactive. This was followed by illustrations for an arcade game titled Viper. She later went on to complete illustrations for the western game, Dust. Hughes left Cyberflix in 1995 to work for another local CD rom company by the name of The Bookworm Student Library. There, Hughes returned to creating traditional art on board that was scanned in and used as illustrations for the classics of literature on CDRom. In the same town another CD rom company emerged and Hughes also worked with them both as a consultant and an illustrator. The company began as Hyperglot and produced Language learning CD's. It was later sold to The Learning Company. Hughes produced both traditional hand-drawn illustrations as well as created animation work for them.

Debbie has exhibited her paintings at over 100 shows in the U.S. and the U.K. winning many "Best in Show" awards and ribbons. She has also been the guest of Honor at fourteen conventions. Her work has been exhibited at mainstream galleries in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Washington DC, Virginia, South Carolina and New York. Hughes lives with her husband Dean Erickson on Lake Lanier in Buford, GA.

Name: Debbie Hughes 
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I have been creating illustrations for Books, magazines, web, collectible game cards, interactive games and advertising since 1981. I have also worked in the gaming industry doing illustration and animation. My work has been Science Fiction and Fantasy categorically, however, I am now experimenting with a type of realism that branches out from my years of working in the SF and fantasy field. I catergorize my works as fantastic realism or magic realism and I plan to explore more ideas in this area. For the most part, my personal works parallel my life, my struggles and my triumphs but I also try to reflect on the world around me. 


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