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Corinne Reid

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Artist: Corinne Reid


Artist: Corinne Reid


About Corinne Reid

Corinne Reid is an Illustrator and designer specializing in publishing, editorial and fine Art. Delving into the unknown, she uses unconventional imagery to cultivate emotional connections with her audience. Her paintings adopt a narrative melody with accentuating tones of the natural world. Reid’s work is award winning, globally recognized and travels more than she ever will, making its way to Australia, Europe, and across North America. Her clients include Field & Stream magazine, Penguin House, Crystal Dynamics and many others.

Name: Corinne Reid 
Joined: December 2015


30 Years Later | Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA
MicroVisions | Wowxwow, UK
Super Reverie |Wowxwow, UK
The Infinite Well | Nucleus Portland, OR
WOW (volume II) | wowxwow, UK
Invitation to Travel |Wowxwow, UK


Guillermo Del Toro Tribute Show | Copro Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Dream Logic | Helikon Gallery, Denver CO
Kingdom Anamalia | Eastern State, Willimantic, CT
Miyazaki Tribute Show | Spoke Art, NYC, NY
Room Of A Thousand Doors | WowxWow, UK
Bad Dads VIII | Spoke Art Portland, OR
Power Rangers! | Iam8bit, Los Angeles CA
Miyazaki Tribute Show | Spoke Art, San Francisco  CA
Be Our Guest | Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra  CA


Location: boston, ma

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