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Maxime Laurent

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Artist: Maxime Laurent


Artist: Maxime Laurent


About Maxime Laurent

I try to find new ways to create visuals, and play with dramatic lighting, while using a lot of elements related to light, like neon, and glass reflection. The technique I use to "neonify" my artwork, is an evolution from an initial fascination with chiaroscuro technique, playing with my interest in dramatic lighting against dark backdrops. This then evolved into something much more abstract, and strong stylistic echos from 80s new wave art. I grew up seeing this style of art in advertising and on album covers. It's a way of going back to the visuals I was familiar with as a child.



Name: Maxime Laurent 
Joined: December 2017

Currently working on expanding my neon collection, pieces for art shows, while always experimenting on new visuals.

Location: USA

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