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Artist: Arantza Sestayo


Artist: Arantza Sestayo


About Arantza Sestayo

Arantza Sestayo was born in San Sebastián in 1964. His artistic work is self-taught and begins to form professionally through portraiture, and personally and as his own learning in fantasy painting. In the 80s he works in ceramic design and in the production of cartoons in the Camelot studios of Castellón. In the 90s he began his way in illustration in publications such as Rooie Oortjes of erotic and humorous comics, the Swedish children's magazine Psago Prinsessan, and the American publishing house S.Q.P. alternating the illustration with the production of works of landscape still life and figure in oil for the art distribution company Art Soldevilla, of Alcoy. In 2010 he publishes Norma Comics "Besos Malditos" and participates in the book "Vampiros". Schmidt, Bioworld, or Heavy Metal bring merchandising products to the market with some of their works. In 2011, the City Council of Castellón commissioned an illustration for a façade of the Ateneo Assembly Hall, and published Duende, a book that compile of his work. He makes different exhibitions at events related to comics and cinema, such as Expomanga, the comic lounge in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Leon, etc, Cavacon in Italy or the Terror Film Festival in San Sebastian. Currently some of his works are covers for Penguin Random House, and he has participated in the special edition "Game of Thrones 20th anniversary" by HarperCollins Publisher. But the bigger part of her work is dedicated to the comissions for a private clients in the actuality.
Name: Arantza Sestayo 
Joined: December 2016
Projects: My project is long term and it is a future compilation of dark stories and illustrated poems.

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