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Rhonda Libbey

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Artist: Rhonda Libbey


Artist: Rhonda Libbey


I'm Rhonda Libbey, and Imaginative Realism artist and illustrator. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend and three silly ferrets. I have been an artist my whole life and I have been a professional illustrator since the mid 90s. To be an artist is the only thing I ever wanted to be, it is the only way I have ever known. This symbolist style I have created is primarily engineered to express myself and interpret my dreams in a different way as I work on my illustrated dream diary, which will be my first self produced book. All of these paintings are created traditionally in oil paint and gold leaf, with oil paint layered in glazes on top of the metal to achieve a luminous effect. I am drawn to the contrasts of delicate and bold that both oil paint and gold leaf possess.
Name: Rhonda Libbey 
Joined: November 2014
Projects: Visions From the Dream Diary (2017-), Various clients: Pittsburgh City Paper, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, ProtoMedia, Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue, Petersen Games, Fantasy Flight Games, AEG, Slugfest Games, Relentless Publishing, and Atlas Games.
Location: United States

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