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Bob Giadrosich

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Artist: Bob Giadrosich


Artist: Bob Giadrosich


Artist: Bob Giadrosich


    I've been illustrating since the late '80's, and have been published in books, games, and magazines, as well as on billboards, CD's, murals and textiles. In 2006, I published a retrospect of over 18 years of art called "Ink: Images and Essays from Bob Giadrosich."

    Past clients include Arthus House, Black Dragon Press, Bridge Publications, David and Charles Publishing, Flying Buffalo, Green Knight Publishing, Iron Crown Enterprises, Imagine Roleplaying, Mayfair Games, Paisano Publications, Paradigm Concepts, Perseid Publishing, R. Talsorian, Sharayah Press, Target Games, TSR, White Wolf Publications, and Wizards of the Coast.

    Between 2010-2013, I lived in Changsha, China, studying traditional Chinese ink painting, book and product design.

Name: Bob Giadrosich 
Joined: January 2014

Currently working on a book of original stories and art called "Jade Frost: Tales from the Industrial Silk Road."

Location: Seattle, WA

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