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Tony Troy

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Artist: Tony Troy


Artist: Tony Troy


Artist: Tony Troy


About Tony Troy

Tony Troy was born in Liverpool, England, went to boarding school in Devon, and then attended London University.  He obtained a degree of physics, but with little ambition for a career in Science, he bounced from job to job.  One day, on his way to the labor exchange, he came across a group of London street artists drawing portraits.  Captivated, Troy acquired a pencil and paper and decided to join them.  With a natural ability (that kept him busy in his younger years in boarding school) he soon found himself exhibiting in The Royal Society of Portrait Painters of Great Britain as well as the Pastel Society.  As a street artist, he acquired the skills of both story telling and illustrations.  Using these skills, Troy has written several musicals which have been shown in New York, New Jersey, Savannah and Atlanta.  Now he turns his skills towards writing and illustrating his own children's story, "Mice and the Moon."



Name: Tony Troy 
Joined: December 2016

1999- 2006 Created a series of illustrations depicting scenes from his Musical, "The Flute Player's Song."


2010-2011 Created 13 Illustrations for the book, "Deas and Other Imagings by Valerie Tarico


2014 to present- Working on illustrating and and writing his children's book, "Mice and the Moon."  

Location: Ocean City, New Jersey

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