Infected By Art Book - Volume 5

Misael Urquico

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Artist: Misael Urquico


Artist: Misael Urquico


Born in the Philippines, raised in Long Beach, CA, I am a self taught artist who mainly uses graphite, and more recently, oil charcoals. I have been drawing since my childhood. I was never classically trained, and completely self taught. I discovered at a young age that I am color blind, often making mistakes with colors. I got around this by drawing using only graphite pencils, learning shading techniques early on. More recently, I broadened my tools to oil charcoals and powder graphite (with or without water), and even using panels in addition to paper. Many of my drawings are dark in nature, and I do my best to use my imagination to create the images I draw.

Name: Misael Urquico 
Joined: July 2016
Location: Long Beach, CA, USA

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