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Kaysha Siemens

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Artist: Kaysha Siemens


Artist: Kaysha Siemens


About Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens was born in Canada in 1984, and now lives and works in the mountains of North Carolina. Her work is primarily figurative, with strong fantastical and narrative elements; her paintings draw inspiration from literature, mythology, folklore, and nature, and often combine these influences with symbolic and autobiographical themes.

Name: Kaysha Siemens 
Joined: January 2016

I have background in book illustration, gallery work, commercial client work, and extensive private commissions. I have exhibited at conventions and in galleries for over a decade, and in the Showcase at IlluxCon from 2016-2018. Published in Infected By Art volumes 5 and 5; Chelsey (ASFA) award nominee 2018.  My current focus is a project titled 'Mnemosyne', an ongoing body of work inspired by Greek myth, drawn from heavily (joyfully) researched primary sources, and named for the goddess of memory and mother of the muses.

Location: Swannanoa, NC, USA

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