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Kaysha Siemens

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Artist: Kaysha Siemens


Artist: Kaysha Siemens


About Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens was born in the cold of Canada in 1984, and now lives and toils in the lovely mountains of North Carolina.  Her very earliest memory (she was two) is of making art, and as she grew older and it showed no signs of ceasing to be her default activity, she figured she may as well give it a go as a career. It was certainly the right choice: she has had a successful career in freelance and direct sales to collectors for the past decade, and is a recent newcomer to the fantastical art community. Her work is strongly figurative and narrative; her illustrations pull inspiration from literature, mythology, and folklore, while her gallery work explores symbolic and autobiographical themes.

Name: Kaysha Siemens 
Joined: January 2016

I'm currently taking a break from client projects to focus on personal work: I'm currently studying under Rebecca Leveille-Guay in Smart School, and will also be attending the IMC in summer 2017. Despite an already-successful career, it has proven to be a priceless investment: I have already noticed huge strides of maturation in my work, and I can't wait to see what new projects and clients await me in the coming year!

Location: Swannanoa, NC, USA

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