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I have been drawing as long as I have been able to hold a pen or pencil. Sometimes I found myself working on paper, other times on the back of my parentsí record collection, to their chagrin. Even so, they did not discourage my passion for drawing. I am lucky to come from an artistically inclined family, with a lot of that from my Fatherís side. I grew up around pottery and artwork made by the most recognizable Lang ancestor, my Great-Grandfather Anton Lang. I canít help but think that being exposed to old German etchings and Antonís hand-crafted pottery that my impressionable mind was molded to create art. My brothers and I drew constantly, and our parents provided many drawings themselves. We drew jets, dinosaurs, knights and more. After being encouraged through the younger years of my life, and with the best teachers one could have asked for through my artistic development from primary school to college and beyond, I ended up here, as a professional illustrator. Through a lot of work and good fortune, I managed to find a mentor that taught me how to craft truly professional work for a portfolio that would help get clients. Over the past 14 years, I have managed to work in every category of illustration: solo gallery shows, editorial illustration for magazines and newspapers, book publishing, movies and music videos, and finally packaging and advertising these past few years. With a serendipitous meeting and invitation to Every Day Original four years ago, I was introduced to Illuxcon, which both reignited my passion for painting and the love of figurative fantasy work. Meeting my art heroes from my younger years, and getting introduced to incredible modern talents and peers was eye-opening and inspiring. Truly, Illuxcon and this industry have spurred me to make better and more thoughtful work. My work has always been figurative, but I havenít always worked in the way I do now. This year I have become obsessed with becoming a better draftsman, focusing on my drawing, and the quality of line I create. To this extent, I put together a book of my ink drawings which successfully crowd-funded in 2017. Leaning into that ink work, I focused solely on drawing better and narrative themes. The exploration of line and drawing is the driving force behind my newest paintings: what can I say in one line that varies in width? How do I say more with less? The paintings I am submitting this year to Illuxcon are the most consistent and focused work that I can recall putting together. I am excited by the opportunities my newest body of work can offer not only to a viewer, but for the joy of making art once more. With that, I humbly submit to Illuxcon 2019.
Name: Elliot Lang 
Joined: June 2014
Projects: Elliot has recently published his first book of ink drawings from the past 5 years, titled 'Inkling' after a successful Kickstarter. He is currently illustrating for packaging and advertising clients while making original artwork for gallery shows. Between client work, Elliot is continually developing, writing and illustrating his novel.
Location: Denver

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