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Artist: Martina Hoffmann


Artist: Martina Hoffmann


Artist: Martina Hoffmann


Artist: Martina Hoffmann


Artist: Martina Hoffmann


Martina Hoffmann, has been a world citizen since her childhood when she grew up in Germany as well as Cameroon, equatorial West Africa. She was raised in a multi cultural environment with German parents, a French education and the indigenous African culture which informed her at the deepest instinctual levels. The power of the dark continent would have a lasting influence on her life and work.

Early, she began creating and later studied art education with professor Kiefer (father of Anselm Kiefer) as well as sculpting with professor Spelmann at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Today, Martina Hoffmann works primarily as a painter. Her art offers a detailed view into her 'inner landscapes'. A traveler between the worlds and an explorer of the inner planes since childhood, she dreams of a creating a visual language in her art that reflects Universal consciousness and shows love as the ultimate unifying force.

The Visionary/Transpersonal Symbolism of Martina Hoffmann’s art is decidedly feminine and places the archetype of the ‘Universal Woman’ in an intimate cosmos. She translates her ecstatic experiences as well as her reflections on our place in the universe in a symbolic style which marries the fantastic to the sacred.

Martina Hoffmann's paintings are mirrors of our global awakeing as well as portals into 'other worlds' beyond the 'veil'.

For 30 years the artist co-created with her husband, the Fantastic Realist, Robert Venosa, until his departure in 2011. Together, they taught innumerous painting classes at such centers and institutes as Esalen and Omega.

Martina has been a regular at Festivals such as Burning Man and Boom Festival, and has spoken at such conferences as 'The Promethean Impulse' at the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland in 2012 and 'Estados de Consciencia Modificados, University of Cuernavaca, Mexico 2009).

Her art has been subject to CDs, book and magazine covers and published internationally in books: ‘Modern Consciousness Research and The Understanding of Art’ by Stanislav Grof, 2015 - 'The Divine Spark - Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization’, Graham Hancock, 2015 - Lexikon Phantastischer Künstlerinnen, Gerhard Habarta, 2017 -'Women Of Visonary Art', David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill, Inner Traditions 2018, et al.

Today, the artist keeps a home and studio in both, the USA and France.

She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums world wide since 1985  (with a recent 6-months exhibition at the HR Giger Museum in Switzetland) and is represented in the permanent collection of the NAIA Museum in Rochefort-En-Terre, France.


In her own words:

"The fundamental drive in my art has forever been the search for, to making sense of and portray the subtle forces that are at work beyond consensus reality.

Through my work I explore the infinite possibilities of form and content as well as the potential realms beyond our everyday material reality, with the intention to lift the veil between the worlds.

Ultimately, I see one of the roles of the artist as the proactive visionary, seeding awareness of the mystical experience and spreading the message that it is our birthright to be conscious of our connection to the Universe and its multidimensional realities."


Name: Martina Hoffmann 
Joined: December 2018

Working on large format oil pinatings on canvas in preparation for various exhibition n the US and Europe.

Location: USA

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